About Us

Inspiro is a digital product agency that focuses on strategy and design.

Barbara Kearney

With change always having been part of Barbara’s life, she not only thrives on change herself but is a big believer that people can change and grow. Barbara is passionate about equipping leaders/founders and their top teams with the  essential skills to deliver outstanding results. Having worked in several organizations and family businesses around the world, she can work with a diverse range of people from a cultural as well as organizational perspective. She is a natural relationship builder. As an inspiring leader, she is fascinated by everything around future possibilities, ideas and the human factor in all of this..

Dr. Albert Geiger

Albert works with family business owners, start-ups and leaders, connecting new ideas with successful (family) businesses, exploring ecosystems relevant to German-speaking businesses, inspiring change and supporting businesses in challenging situations. Having worked in international companies as well as in his own family business as a successor in crisis, he believes technological adaptability of businesses and the ability to build and lead strong teams, which are the most important KPIs of companies. As a fearless leader, Albert enjoys working  with people who create new visions and are passionate about what they do in their lives.

Our Philosophy

We work with senior teams and their leaders to help them reach their full potential. We believe that with commitment, perseverence and drive any leader, any team and any organization can develop its strength, build the best version of itself and thrive. As human being and groups we are not immanent, but we change and evolve.

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